Travel 2 - New Orleans

From numerous trips to the Crescent City

I've made over 25 trips to New Orleans. Most of these were to attend JazzFest, but it's incredible what you can find if you tear yourself away from Bourbon Street. I could probably create a cool portfolio just from the many crazy signs I've seen around town.
Antique Store Window, Magazine Street 2009
"Achoo," near Frenchmen Street 2015
"Bywater Sunset" 2015
Chef Frank Brigtsen cooking demo 2105
"Nobody," Bywater 2015
Coco Robicheaux (RIP, buddy) 2009
"Ballerinettes," 2009
"The Princess," Gentilly neighborhood 2011
Coop's Place Menu 2009
"The Time Is Near," Bywater 2015
"Demon Pursued by Angry Peasants," Magazine Street 2013
"Offerings," St. Louis Cemetery #1 2009
"All Your Bases Covered" 2009
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